African drum Tambourine Fabric Sheepskin PVC Cloth drum RLW1374

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Drum Barrel Material: Painted Cloth Art

Drum Heads Material: Goat Skin

Drum Chamber Material: Solid Wood


- Beautiful cloth art Painted barrel body, hand-cut cloth, each drum is different.

- Perfect sound quality, strong sense of rhythm.

- Made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and harmless.

- Advantages of light texture suitable for all age groups, especially children.

- Traditional African Musical Instrument


- Uniform resonance

- Strong and durable corrosion resistance

- High strength climbing rope, good toughness, good tuning effect

Place of Application: Music Lover


- The drum is made by hand work, so the size will be a little different, please not mind

- Random painted pattern

- These drum are outfitted with finest goat skin and no chemical treatment. Some of drums may turn dark, which is normal, you can use fine sand paper to polish them gently.